Aqua Home Health Care, the brain child of sisters Morgan and Myra Rashid, brings close to two decades of experience to the health care industry with a specialized emphasis on geriatric care management and companion care. At the core of Aqua Home Health Care are a set of values. Values like love, compassion and thought, which they bring to every client entrusted in their care, is the foundation of their business.

The sisters were inspired to develop their boutique home health care agency by noticing that families often needed another pair of hands when caring for an ill family member. Whenever a family member who suffered from a stroke, a fall or a more serious illness, they would return home, but still not at their optimal health. Aqua Home Health Care helps bridge the gap between returning home and returning to full health for busy families who have multiple responsibilities.

Aqua Home Health Care offers an array of services for your loved ones. They use a holistic approach which helps them customized the care your loved one will receive. They call this approach Companion Care. The services of Companion Care focus on life coaching, emotional wellbeing and creating life hacks to make a client’s day-to-day life easier.

Additionally, with Companion Care, a client can also receive services like healing sessions, mediations and a nutritional assistance and evaluation to restructure their diet. These are all key components to return balance to the soul, body and mind.

Companion Care doesn’t just apply to emotional health. The companion can help with your loved ones’ daily activities, such as grocery shopping, house upkeep and various other chores that give your loved ones a sense of independence.

Aqua Home Health Care sets out to improve the lives of every one of their clients. They make sure that every client is matched with a caregiver who is most aligned with their needs before the care process even starts. The caregivers come from diverse backgrounds in both attitude and training. There are Home Health Aides, Certified Nurse Aides and Personal Care Aides.

Aqua Home Health Care takes great pride in the services they provide. A lifestyle change from a health care facility to home is never easy, but Aqua Home Health Care wants to be there for you and your loved one to help with the transition.